23 Ocak 2019


 The TiSmart2 prostheses range includes a complete line for: Cemented prosthesis, Overdenture and Multiple screwed prosthesis, equipped with analog, transfer and healing screws of different lengths33-37. […]
23 Ocak 2019

Guided Surgery

Collaboration with Dentists, has developed their proprietary software WINMED®, which enables designing and producing surgical templates and laboratory models using a 3D printer, that are then […]
23 Ocak 2019

Surgical Kit

The TiSmart2 surgical kit is made of Radel®, a plastic material suitable to harmlessly undergo a number of sterilization cycles and not generate oxidizing currents among […]
23 Ocak 2019


The TiSmart2 implants, Cold Plasma decontaminated, are packed in the clean room under a laminar flow hood and then sterilized by Beta Rays. The implant is […]