16 Ocak 2019
18 Ocak 2019



1. Patient anamnestic history

Caucasic Women, 52 y.o. no smoker with recurrent abscess in 1.4 asking for immediate prosthesis because of her job.

2. Initial photography & radiography










It’s possible to see from the endooral x-ray and from the panoramic X-ray the longitudinal fracture of the   1.4 covered by a ceramic crown and the important bone loss at the apex of the root. The root is separated into two pieces and it is possible to see from the x-rays the wide bone defect but we can suppose that there is  enough space to put a long implant and to achieve a good primary stability. The 1.5 has a deep caries involving the whole root and to preserve the same it is needed to perform a clinical crown lenghtening with height bone loss of minimum 3 mm with a potential aesthetic damage.


3. Diagnosis of the problem

Longitudinal fracture of 1.4 with recurrent abscess and deep coronal fracture on the palatinal side of 1.5. Wide bone resorbtion at the apex of 1.4.



4. Therapy proposal

Extraction of 1.4 and 1.5 with bone regeneration. Implants in 1.4 and 1.5 with immediate loading


5. Photography of the surgery




Elevation of the flap                                    Socket after extraction and inflammatory tissue


Vestibolar sight of the defect           Evaluation of the depth with a probe to consider primary stability and immediate loading


indicators allows us to check the direction, depth and parallelism




Implant positioning: 4.8mm diameter        implant collar positioned

15mm length                                              under bone crest




collagen membrane positioned and           filling the bone dehiscence with a

screwed with the prosthetic abutement      mix of autologous and eterologus              (BioGuide )                                                               bone chips



Suture, complete coverage of the alveolar sockets and provisional angulated abutements 15°ready to receive the provisional prosthesis



6. Photography of healing





Definitive abutments                              Definitive prosthesis





7. Photography of rx control




Rx control after 1 year




Final result

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