18 Ocak 2019
Aluminium-Free Processing
23 Ocak 2019

Quality control

The whole productive process, which is conducted within the company, allows us to verify and certify that each product (implant and prostheses) reaches high standards.

The first verification phase, which is conducted on every 10 pieces, utilises optical microscope and automated laser devices. This allows to verify, in real time, the correspondence with the required mechanical tolerances  during the projecting phase. Sequentially, each piece produced moves to the quality department to verify the dimensional correspondence with laser on every produced piece.

A real one to one control.

Several washing cycles with solvent and ultrasound  are made in order to eliminate all traces of organic contamination. After this, the implant is ready for the acid etched process, conducted with two different acid baths. This industrial process is necessary to increase the irregularity on the surface to make it osteo inductive and osteoconductive, and to activate the biological osseointegration processes once attached to the bone. Furthermore, this process does not utilise the common process which involves  sandblasting  with aluminium components.

Finally, the implant is decontaminated. This occurs through a micro atomic cleaning  process. The surface of the implant is heavily hit by atoms ionized of  gases (argon and nitrogen) necessary to remove 100% of every organic trace. Sequentially the implant is inserted into a blister and sterilised with  beta rays, to eliminate every bacterial contamination.

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